2017 best love song


Love songs have many uses. They can serve as a mirror to reflect their feelings about others. They can be used to remind you of your loneliness – to fill the void in your forgotten, longing heart. They may be a sad source, reminding you of what you lost in a broken relationship.
This is why there are so many damn love songs. It’s a feeling we all feel, good or bad, a collection of sounds that can universally trigger something in our hearts and connect us to a particular time, place, or person. These physical moments come and go, but the feeling lasts forever, these songs are a link to human experience. This is the best love song of 2017.
Written for Luca Guadagnino’s movie “Give me a call to your name,” Gideon’s Vision is the lyrically lyrical song that only Sufjan Stevens can create and crave. His whispering soprano was as delicate as his own bedroom, as intimate and familiar. Stevens’s music often makes people feel too personal and short-lived, like a can not touch the emotions. His music is a carry-on to enhance his experience, which provides the perfect emotional companion in the context of the movie. Even if you do not know Gideon, you know Gideon. Is this a man, a biblical allusion, or neither? – just expressing a feeling?

Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Deadly Valentine’s Day”

When she released a choreography of “Deadly Valentine’s Day,” including Dev Orange’s blood orange, Charlotte Gansberg said to the song: “I want to express a lifetime’s participation in the idea of ??a pair The couple ran to the church, from childhood to old age, for a lifetime. “This song, in collaboration with the French producer Sebastián, is such an endless stream of chasing, whispering, and fantastic voices with Gainsbourg. There is danger in the song, love, exercise and life. On top of this, Ganderburg promised to fight with the mortal mate, singing: “Starting today, better, worse, until death, we’re separated.

Fever thunder – “IDK about you”

When Knife announced its dissolution after the victorious shaking, it seemed like the conclusion of the very weird and very exciting part of electronic music. Fortunately, Karin Dreijer has returned to Fever Ray, which is a music project for 2017. There are many reasons for this. About “About Your IDK,” Dreijer has a complete grasp of what sounds like crazy hooks. It’s a bumpy, chaotic and breathless night filled with love that brings a new meaning to the idea that you never really know someone unless you have sex with both. This is a purely sexual song, an idea that was so frustratingly threatened in an era when we found ourselves in trouble.

Girlpool – “It’s getting bluer”

People will do some crazy things to get people noticed them. Looking afar, you can embody something awkward, like “it’s getting bluer in a pool of girls,” and they even fake “global warming just to get close to you.” Of course, there are more traditional dedication, such as reading and drinking. For their sophomore album, the Los Angeles duets filled their voices with drummers and evoke the iconic 90’s indie rock feel. The music is louder and more invested, but it maintains a close harmony, and the sensitivity is so terrible.
Calella – “Frontline”

Sometimes love means knowing when to end it. Doing so requires not only courage, but also a clear command of soul and affection. Keilala sings: “Even if you wish I could / If you thought I was back, you would misunderstand it,” but can not bring it back. “She’s confident, calm-minded, and wholeheartedly controlling her own love life.” The sound of R & B deserved and made her decision as the song ended up as she got on the bus and drove away.
Charli XCX – “Boy”

Charli XCX “Boys” and the song itself is hard to separate the video. The idea of ??being left forever to a boy means to lick a guitar with a teddy bear or Mac DeMarco to portray Riz Ahmed. But the video itself is good evidence of Charlie’s understanding of culture and culture. Somehow, she turned a cliché into a cliché, turning things fresh in the Internet age.
Taylor Swift – New Year’s Day

I know that Taylor Swift’s music is so lurking together with extrinsic and manufactured plays that it is hard to use it as a true declaration of human affection. 


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