Star Wars: the last jedi director Rian Johnson explains the fate of Luke and leia


In the closing moments of “Star Wars: the last jedi”, Luke skywalker turns his eye on the alien sunset of aher. He just bought his friend, the last resistance, the time to escape the first order. He briefly reunited with leia and faced his troubled nephew, Kylo Ren, who used his power to accomplish all this. But that looks the same as we saw it 40 years ago in tatooine.
It was the destruction of his jedi college and the loss of years of isolation from the military. At this last moment, that ray of hope came back. Then Luke skywalker vanished like his mentor obi-wan kenobi and yoda in a pile of robes. However, this is not the end of Luke Skywalker, as writer and director Rian Johnson told me. No, 9 on the possibility of our heroes could be endless, Luke is now and power, one of the next film (by JJ moxa Brahms and Chris terry the writing) can go to any place.
This is not the only surprise that Johnson has in the “last jedi”. He revealed that ray’s parents were just ordinary people, not skywalker, Kenny or parpatil. It’s a force that’s open to everyone, not just the legendary family lineage. Supreme leader sonke in Kylo Ren will be Skywalker is lightsaber down by half, in Kylo Ren’s will, he seemed to turn to the bright side, and then to the title of supreme leader as a title.
I talked to Johnson about how he created the most emotive “Star Wars” movies, the sequela of rey and snooker, and Luke and leah’s next film.
Johnson was not afraid to shake the Star Wars universe.
In fact, I didn’t make it as a goal. I just wanted to make me feel like a great Star Wars movie. This is the middle section, so we put the hardest things on each character and really challenge them. This led to some surprising places – at least it did for me. I didn’t do that, but I didn’t dare to shake things up. It has to be something different than expected. It’s about being a good Star Wars story, let me bring it to my place.
He just started working and tried to forget about the pressure to write a “Star Wars” movie.

When you think about it in an exaggerated way, it’s really daunting. But once you actually get in and start working, you know. It’s amazing how quickly its daunting elements disappear. It’s like jumping into a pool, splashing around, trying to keep a clear head. You’re just trying to tell the story in the most interesting way. And it’s just the work of writing, and it’s hard to stick to this big abstract concept when you’re working hard in the trenches.
How he avoided making films like the empire strikes back.
Obviously, we have something, and our hero goes to a remote place to meet a jedi master, and with other truly struggling heroes, J. This is a wide range of things that will be structurally similar to the empire. My attitude is that it would be a bad thing anyway. Copying the empire would be a bad thing, and making creative decisions is a bad thing, only to say that we have to be like an empire. These are different people and different situations, and they will lead me to different places. If it responds from other movies, then that’s part of the movie. There is also a theme element, like the past repeating itself, all cycles. I’m just trying not to worry, to tell a new story.
He knows some fans will be disappointed not to give Snoke or Rey a background. But it is a necessary story.
I’m sure some fans will be disappointed and some fans won’t. It used to be the Star Wars that teased me for 40 years, and I know how much we care about these movies, and each of us has something we want from the movie. In all of the things you mentioned, whether it was ray’s parents or snooker, I made these decisions entirely based on the need for drama. For example, ray is looking for identity, she wants answers, she wants to have a place in this story. The simplest thing she might hear is that you are such a daughter. And this will be her and the audience’s blessing. But it’s easy. The hardest thing she and the audience can hear is, “no, you won’t get that. You have to define yourself in this movie and you will have to stand on your feet.
In terms of Snoke’s background, I like all fan theories and I want to know more about him, but the truth is that this is not part of the story. In this story, he is more like the emperor in the first trilogy. To be honest, we had to stop and tell him where he came from. Because in the context of this story he’s talking to a character who doesn’t care. That’s not to say it won’t be fun, or that it won’t be solved in the next movie – I don’t know. In this particular story, it doesn’t have a place. It feels like the most interesting choice.


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