Star Wars: the last success or failure of the jedi? Critics and fans broke up.


Critics and fans rarely agree. Take movie similar comments justice league, critics hated and fans alike, a (incomplete) of science in polling stations to see like a rotten tomatoes, with critics 40%, with 79% of fans website obvious gap.
What fans and critics usually think of is “Star Wars”. On average, there was a 5.75 percentage point difference between the scores of the first and seventh episodes and the audience response. These figures are usually compiled from hundreds of key comments and millions of comments from fans. They are not perfect – all art is subjective, but they do provide the best ideas we can get.
Star Wars: Thursday’s “last jedi” has been the most extreme movie in the saga. On rotten tomatoes, it was rated 93% (full disclosure: I also liked it) and 56% of the audience. This is based on 287 comments and 106,815 fan comments.
There are a few things to note: only 106,815 fan reviews this week, while “Star Wars: phantom menace” has 1,203,446 people, and millions of people who saw “last jedi” last weekend.

It’s also important that fans and critics see these films very differently. Fans can entertain themselves and immerse themselves in the beloved universe. Critics don’t just go there to stimulate, they also watch movies to analyze crafts and performances.
Director Rian Johnson and critics say the film and the franchise’s narrative of bold fulcrum are more likely to be seen by fans as “the last jedi weapon” than “Star Wars.”
And this type of storytelling is sure to cause annoyance to fans, possibly to explain every link and detail. However, critics agree with Johnson about killing the subject of the past. These are the unexpected twists and turns of the “Star Wars” narrative.
Of course, time will tell us how this will fit into the more legendary quality (or lack thereof). Fans may come. Change is sometimes difficult, Johnson took some bold risks, the movie, the fans might get used to it. In addition, more fans may have not seen The film, and may have more positive reactions to The Last Jedi.
Plus, the story isn’t finished yet. How JJ abrams sums up the greatest sci-fi saga of all time remains to be seen.


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