“The biggest question remaining after Star Wars: the last jedi.”


The last jedi” deliberately created more mysteries in many ways than solving them. This is the second part of the trilogy, so naturally there are questions that need to be answered. Most importantly, the writer and director Rian Johnson doesn’t expect everything to be answered by the perfect package. On the subject, this is a film about forgetting the past, as well as ray’s parents and snooker’s backstory.
That said, after watching “Star Wars: the last jedi,” here’s the biggest question.
What’s ray going to get the lightsaber now?
Anakin skywalker LaoGuang jian has experienced many hell: kill count dooku, cut off his hand and killed the child, come to obi-wan, to the Luke, fight against darth vader, found the way to the ray, and the sonke into two and a half. But now it’s gone, torn apart in the will race between Rey and Kylo Ren. If I have noticed, there is still a powerful crystal on the side of ray’s lightsaber, which means she can use it to create her own work for the next film. I don’t know exactly how, but how did Luke figure it out?
Why don’t they often use the divine wind tactics of the speed of light?
One of The highlights of “The Last Jedi,” as Laura Dern’s admiral Holdo, was a brilliant and brave hero. She turned the boat round and struck it lightly, pulling off the largest ship of the first class ship. It works very well. So why don’t they do it all the time – get a big ship and let a robot fly in a godlike run? Obviously, this is an expensive and wasteful strategy, but it works. Would they explain why it couldn’t do it again? Or do you want to go into space strategy 101?
How does Luke appear in episode nine?
Yes, I know Luke obi-wan kenobi and especially darla, through a land of “power” disappear, then naked – but that doesn’t mean we caught sight of him in the “Star Wars” the last one. As Rian Johnson told me, Luke became a member of the JV Abrams (making the ninth episode) and there are many possibilities in the final film. As we saw in Luke’s encounter with Kylo Ren, he was far more capable than we had ever known about the possibility of troops. Would he be an army ghost like yoda and obi-wan? Or would he be more impressive?

How will Leia appear in episode 9?
The character remains active in “Star Wars” at the end of chapter 8. But Carrie Fisher, the heroine, died last year, and it is not clear how Abrams will deal with the situation. Johnson believe he will come to the conclusion that a more satisfied, but given the fisher in the eighth episode began filming ago died, it is not clear what role will she appeared in the movie. Apparently, Disney and lucasfilm have created a CGI Leia in Rogue One, but will fans think it’s disrespectful? Will her character disappear from the movies, and will the ninth episode begin with leia’s solemn and trustworthy funeral?
What exactly is resistance?
As far as I can tell, the whole resistance movement is a small enough group that can comfortably adapt to the millennium falcon at the end of the “doomsday”. Their ship was destroyed, their fleet was destroyed, and almost everyone died. Where will they get the ships, weapons and personnel to make the first order? Of course, the falcon and rey were very unlucky, but they weren’t enough to destroy the entire galaxy.
Will the first command follow Kylo Ren?
Yes, ren was terrible and powerful, but he really did it several times. Sure, he’s lying to Rey, but will they believe him? How does an untrained jedi get the best Snoke? In addition, like a man in his twenties, he should put avocado in his own space and raise his glass with his strength instead of taking the lead. When he first rebelled, he must have taken a relaxed position to get rid of some bad luck. In any case, they may find better people to lead them, or at least someone less than that.
Will rey continue to be a jedi or a new one?
As Johnson had already said, Luke was the last jedi. Reddy received almost no training in the jedi art, and yoda and Luke burned the sacred jedi tree. She showed curiosity about the troops’ light and darkness. Is she in the middle of a gray force? Or will she be completely new? Obviously, the jedi work is not so good, maybe it’s time to try something different.
Who is the sonke?
There are so many theories, and Snoke was cut into half a hamburger before he actually told anyone. That’s what Johnson thought! Although the fans disagree, it could be something abrams is cleaning up in the next question – even if there is no sense at all.
Kylo Ren lying on Rey’s parents?
A mystery that can be solved at least is the mystery of the reais parents. They’re nameless! Regular old parents who leave their daughters on the desert planet. But would Kylo Ren lie to conceal his true identity? Was he just wrong? There is always this option is another decoy and switch.
Where is Lando Calrissian?
Serious: the rebellious hero, whose character is very active, Billy DE Williams.
Why couldn’t yoda use mandatory lighting to make the first order?
Yoda clearly has a cool power that he intends to use for the first time in the most useless way. Can he send lightning from heaven? Wait, what? And he just used it to start a tree? Yoda, my fellow, if you can do this, you can always like to bake a carloen anywhere. If yoda can do something cool, does luk have some tricks to do something cool?
Was captain Phasma really dead this time?
It’s a disappointing way to go to a cool character, but maybe Phasma is like Kenny in the south park.


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