Eminem has led 90,000 people in a “Donald trump chant”


Before Donald trump was elected President, eminem had made clear his feelings for reality TV personalities. Last October, he released the “Campaign Speech” rap artist, who said, “you say trump doesn’t kiss his ass like a puppet?” He used his own cash to run his campaign. / is that what you want? / a loose cannon with a button in his hand. “Before then in February inauguration, Eminem attack Big Sean song” No Favors “:” I object to, the government can’t handle the commandos/your man doesn’t want to, trump is a bitch/I’ll make the brand. ”
So his view should be clear at this point: eminem is not a fan of the current President. And it is not surprising that he will share his views on the state of American politics with his platform as the headline of a big British reading festival.

“So read,” he told his audience of 90,000. “I won’t stand up here and do a platform with this fucking stage, to be a political and shit, I don’t want to cause any dispute, so I won’t say any names, but I can’t stand this bastard Donald trump! ”
The crowd began chanting “Fuck Donald Trump” until Eminem took the lead. “When I say ‘fuck’, you say ‘trump,'” eminem said. Recited for a few seconds until eminem said, “because he made our country screw up in America,” and then jumped into his song “white America.”


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