The war on drugs was always a project. Now this is a band.


Adam graned-el was convinced in a week last June that he had unlocked the secrets of quick creation. “Oh man, I’ll finish the record by August! The indie rock ‘war on drugs’, the consummate singer and composer of the fame, recalls thinking in several songs. Eight months later, granon el is still (eventually) becoming the Philadelphia band’s fourth album (published today) as “Deeper Understanding”.
Title is appropriate: he said he had accepted the creation that the heart of the desire to the edge of the rock – unhealthy professional ethics, even if you are a person in listen to in your room, and vice versa. “You have to make it harder for yourself,” he said, as he was making an intricate 11 minute single “think about a place.” “But I hope you will eventually enjoy it.

“In the past, we were doing everything we could to create a band fantasy in the room,” said the grandmother, who mostly rewrote the songs. This time, they chose the real thing, in Hollywood’s EastWest Studios for h 15, 15 hours. Granto el used to be an accurate one, but as a unit, the band accepted its imperfection. “It’s become a new voice for us,” he said. “A million things doesn’t have to be considered.” For example, crazy guitar solos, hazy, nostalgic “pain”. Recorded in a single take, it “has all these weird time problems, but it’s really sweet.”
Dream in the name of “lost” (2014) published Granduciel once low-key six band, from hipster club to radio city music hall, the records could be “war on drugs” is more famous. But the long-struggling musician said he was still at a loss for his final job. Frankly, he didn’t want to know. “If I were to sit down and figure out what it was, I might try to find it again,” he admitted. “All you can do is continue to follow your ideas, just hope and trust people to ride with you.”


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