What did st. Vincent see when she wrote her song


Anne clark was hardly in her seat, her eyes glued to the two dancers in bright pink dresses spinning the inflatable toys on the stage in front of her. She leans forward, smiling, and looks at the work of Annie B Parson, which is being rolled out at Peroni, a three-day pop-up gallery of Clark’s Nolita.
“I didn’t think of the idea of superconsciousness. I’m just a very visceral reaction, “clark said in an interview with Esquire.com after the opening ceremony, which brought in guests like Aziz Ansari, Nina Agdal, Kate Miller and Greta Bellamacina. “It makes me happy, it makes me laugh. I thought it was pretty, and I did everything I wanted from the show. ”
The space around the space is a work of art by artists and collaborators, inspiring Clark’s striking visual style. There is a room the size of the device is called a “Chill Memphis decade Chill”, it is a by st. Vincent (st. Vincent) partners and television designers Lauren mason (Lauren Machen) creation of cloud cover walls and the white ceramic tile of peace. Another saint Vincent collaborator, the head of the speech David byrne has a chair. It’s like the fever dream of entering clark’s creative process, with bright colors and hues reminiscent of early visuals, completing the experience of st. Vincent’s new album “Masseduction”.
With two music videos and a few live performances, clark has created an aesthetic for the album. The album’s first single, “New York”, was directed by artist Alex Da Corte, and with his energetic drip style, the song title features a combination of Windows and city. “Los Ageless” video is an equally bright and gentle production; By Willoughby page, dragon (Willo Perron) directed, it saw a Los Angeles socialite ironic clark shaped, guided yoga – completed on Terry Gillette’s (Terry Gilliam) trademark dystopian films visual nods to Brazil. Saint Vincent’s performance on the “late show” last week was in an equally interesting monochrome world, just as the album was performed in Los Angeles.
“Before creation complete, I and the creative director Willoughby page, lung (Willo Perron) conducted a conversation, we just begin to brainstorm, palette, and the world, this is the origin of the aesthetic framework. And then you build it from there, “clark says, the visual process of her album. “There are always things that you think would be perfect at first, you get there, you go,” oh, we shouldn’t do that. If you know what you are doing, it will be boring. The key is the process. “

As one of her idols, David bowie advanced instruments (New York) has inspired some of the music in this album – st. Vincent albums has a very specific visual experience, is consistent throughout the site tour. In her 2014 tour of supporting her last album of the same name, clark performed a dystopian fantasy of fantasy, with her white hair shocking her outfit. This was a programme Clarke told me at the time that was inspired by a recent cult leader, “supernatural and subliminal narratives related to shape and movement”. The tour was also created by parsons, who created a dance for clark’s pop-up gallery in Manhattan. She made some small contributions to saint Vincent’s upcoming tour. “I didn’t have as much postmodern choreography as I do now, but I let her in and helped me move my body to the stage,” clark said.
In the culture of music production, consumption, and disposal faster than ever before, few artists today take the time to develop this interactive visual and auditory experience. For saint Vincent, the journey begins with words or sounds, not the visual effects of working with collaborators after the music.
“I think the creative process is a bit mysterious,” clark said of her way of thinking while she was writing. “Some songs start with stories, more or less prose, and you have to figure out what they sound like. Other things are the first to make the rhythm on the drum machine. Sometimes I just spin in my head and catch them as fast as I can. ”
As for how it is written, Masseduction feels like a collection of diary entries. These songs are often started with Clark’s tiny voice memos. “You know what the brightest is, because they stick to your head. A lot of you go back and say, “oh, I completely forgot about this idea or the melody,” and that’s a big problem, “clark explained. As she describes it, these notes are usually a “little melody, like dadada da dadada. “She sings a few notes from her head and almost imitates the birth of a new song. “This is the first sketch that will embarrass you, and you’ll loosen up in the future, just hoping it will get better.”
The result was a beautiful and tragic album by saint Vincent, and despite the energetic images, it was sad. This is about clark’s high profile relationship, loss and other struggles. But when she’s about to start her long tour, clark will have to explore again and again, because she’s done it.
“I don’t necessarily think playing this will be therapeutic,” she said. “to me, the story is about doing this, and once it’s done, I’m happy to do it.” I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what I’ve decided to do at some point. Happiness is in creation. ”
Clark has said that bourne always encourages her to see “real and strange” things in every city. When I asked her the last time she saw something like this, she hesitated. “I don’t know what I’m doing now is work,” she said with a laugh. “It’s been a while.” In other words, all the time.


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