All we know of quentin tarantino and JJ abrams star trek movies so far


Star Trek has experienced many changes over the past decade: JJ Abrams to young, new actors and the other a timeline to restart the franchise, and this year launched a new TV series, let Starfleet towards a bold new direction. But the most exciting twist may yet come, as quentin tarantino is developing a “star trek” movie with abrams. Imagine, in the chaos of corporate officials, a long, heavy conversation, in which people at all stages point at each other. Or the plot of an officer involved in a ship is told in a different order. (” the first chapter: Romulan’s once occupied Beta quadrant “)
According to the Hollywood reporter, tarantino came up with a “good idea” for Paramount’s star trek movie. He Shared the idea with abrams, and the two were forming a writer’s room to study tarantino’s story. If all goes well, tarantino will direct film and abrams production. Although he always wrote his own original scripts, tarantino was always interested in directing an important franchise, and he often noticed that he wanted to work on the James Bond movie. Thankfully, Paramount has let him move on to the r-rated movie. He now formally wrote Mark l. Smith, who wrote “Revenant” to write the screenplay.

In the upcoming movie, tarantino has also had some promising prospects for stars. Patrick Stewart, who plays captain jean-luc Picard in star trek: the next generation, told the Hollywood reporter that he wanted to be involved in the project.
“People always say to me, ‘are you going to be jean-luc picard again? “I don’t think it’s possible, but there are ways to do that,” he said. “But one of my dreams is to work with tarantino, I really admire his work, and in the films of tarantino makes me very satisfied, so, if he wants some guidance with” star trek “things, dear old let – luc again and do this thing for Mr Tarantino possibility, I will accept it.
A few years ago, tarantino noted that he had been more interested in making “star trek” movies than making “Star Wars” films. “The only thing that limits them is the budget of the 1960s and the eight-day shooting schedule,” he said. “You can take some classic interplanetary travel episodes and easily expand to more than 90 minutes, really doing something amazing and amazing.
Tarantino for SONY is currently the ninth films, SONY is said to be made in 1969, mainly concentrated in a male TV actors, and he once had a popular TV series, he is searching for ways to enter the film industry. This is also the manson murder framework.
Anyway, I look forward to “setting the stage killer, asshole.”


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