Cinemas have begun issuing warnings about the Star Wars: the last jedi


There is still controversy over “Star Wars: the last jedi”. Despite being one of the best “Star Wars” films in decades, there are some gaps between critics and fans. Obviously, one of the main scenes of the movie also created confusion among the audience.
At the height of the movie, Laura Dern’s character, Holdo, sacrificed himself to save the resistance. She drove the “resistance” craft through the “First Order” ship to light aircraft. Voice in the impact of that a moment, the film was cut off, “the Star Wars production supervisor” Ben morris told “collider will resonate, this is not only a story, is a stunning visual effects, when I hear all the crying and breathing in silence, this is going to be great. We are aware of its work. This has never happened in previous Star Wars. ”
Unfortunately, fans of “Star Wars” have been puzzled. Some AMC theaters have begun issuing warnings, so the audience will not be disturbed by the silence.

“Please note:” the last of the jedi “in about 1 hour and 52 minutes to record all the sound to stop about 10 seconds of the film,” Paul Scheer on Facebook notes issued an AMC to movie audiences. “When the image continues to play on the screen, you will not hear any sound. This is a deliberate creative effect by the director. ”
That’s what Rian Johnson meant.
“I just want to give me such a great Star Wars movie, this is in the middle of the chapter, so we put the most difficult thing in each role, really challenge them . “This has led to some surprising places – at least it was done for me, I didn’t enter into it with this intention, but I also didn’t dare to shake something, it had to be different than expected.”
Of course, change isn’t always easy for franchises like Star Wars.


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