Bruce Springsteen has brought Tom Petty’s life into a good perspective


Bruce springsteen received a call from “his lost brother” shortly after the death of Tom petty at 8.40 PM on October 2.
“I got a call to tell my folks at home,” Bruce Springsteen saluted the cover of rolling stone magazine. “There was a horrible scream, you can’t believe that we are from the same generation rockers, we start at the same time, also has a lot of the same effect, when I live in California, know very well I got to him, he is just a like rock music and the lovely people of hard work.
The two legend never cooperation, despite their Knox concert in 1979, 1986 and 1986 Bridges interests of share the stage performance in Los Angeles, springsteen and Bob dylan joined the petty. That makes sense, considering that their music is cut from the same piece of cloth. But they have deep mutual respect and friendship with each other. Springsteen even paid tribute to petty and opened his Broadway.

Even if it’s a loss, it feels too early, and springsteen has a very positive way of thinking.
Springsteen told rolling stone. “the sad thing is he has left already, but still alive in his life is very happy, good songs survived, good record retained their creator is always full of hope and the essence of life Tom did a lot of great music – enough to make people move forward. ”
Time to put some “I won’t go backwards”.
Bett Eldredge latest single “The Long Way,” from his album of The same name, bathed in sunshine home images – a person grow up city, The story of where they are, it shapes The Way they are. This is a conversation about the past to understand someone’s gift. Ironically, eldredge did not write the song to anyone he knew, or a story he had heard before – he wrote to the people he wanted to see.
In “The Long Way” video, Eldredge premiered today on, imagining what it would be like to love someone by knowing their history and hometown. He sings: “I didn’t think tonight, when I walked in, I’d fall somewhere I’d never been before. Watch his serenade here.


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