Chuck D is protecting the history of hip-hop


There is no doubt that chuck D of “public enemy” is one of the founders of modern hip-hop, but this idol has never been his honor. “Now, at this age and stage I, if I can’t teach, I should not speak, even” when asked how he feels about his status as a rap old politician, he frankly.
So earlier this year there was a great new set of public enemies – “we gave it away for free; We can in the future to make money “- his rock rap mixed super angry prophet, and online at a lot of travel and albums, not to mention his job as a new voice host’s mentor in the music community and a marked the active Twitter feeds of D, as one of the main voice of # TheResistance.
Now he is turning to another close to his heart: ensure rap and hip-hop history is recorded, so that it can be used as old age the most monumental and groundbreaking music and culture art power – the 20th century and the early 21st century.
“You know, you have to take care of what you say you love,” D said of the driving force behind his crusade. “What’s the reason for wearing Pink Floyd T-shirt at 16? What is rhyme and reason? Rock has a whole machine that keeps these legends alive and starts with a culture infatuation with music. But I think the rapper ignored or lacked responsibility in hip-hop, saying, ‘hey, look at this guy, this is a wonderful art form that lasts 50 to 100 years. If you dig into it, it can be respected as the beatles. ”
This emotional caused a looks like one of The Crusades, and a new book Chuck d. in “Rap and hip-hop History” is introduced in this day, this week from The earliest dates back to The 1520 Sedgwick Avenue rolled back The origin of this school in The Bronx, 1973, through The Run – DMC, Beastie Boys, Snoop and Kanye, until The Get Down, and d. says many artists have proudly carrying The torch of Rap.
“The lightning master and the passionate five have indeed triggered the call and reaction of the modern music field, which is what you hear today, from drake to kendrick Lamar.” D. Explains the evolution of rap and hip-hop that has led to its popular style of boasting a decade ago, back to the roots of many of today’s best young artists. “So when I hear a guy like” 5·9 “Royce, I say,” wow, ok, he’s talking about his neighbors. So we go back to that. He has a unique style of blocking, but it goes back to the roots of rap. Meanwhile, Lil D made a song named “Woke”, use fully the style of the 21st century, with its own dialect, with its own unique vocal ability to pass out. So I think that artists began to venture into different areas, I think that artists have begun to venture into different areas, in their own way to create their own style, but also feel their previous style.

This day in rap and hip-hop history, Shepard Fairy brings forward and striking illustrations to a growing restless art form and dominates the cultural landscape. Still, D blamed the way we regard music as disposable instruments on them – not just in the feet of the information age, like many of his fellow artists, but since the late 1980 s and early 90 s radio company.
“They took the DJ away,” D said of the death of independent radio. “Those DJS are an important part of making these recordings, and we all like part of our culture, especially in hip-hop and rap music, where DJS are also performing. But they are also passing on information. The first thing that people see is music. But it’s not just a music that keeps people going. This is a education about music, and it tells you what it is, where it comes from, and what kind of changes it will bring when it comes up. You have to have a discussion. ”
Tell the young artist his mentor is to hone his craft.
“I told my work with songwriter,” you are writing a song, but I also want to see if you can write a paragraph about the song, because if you can’t to the discussion of your song, rely on “luck, d. explained that he pointed out that he is serious about the old politician. “Sometimes, luck will be unbelievable, but if you want to be a highly skilled craftsmen, and you want to write songs stand the test of time – look at the environment and answer the questions – you must be able to express. There are a lot of hip-hop and rap writers that are incredible, but they ignore the field, and other artists don’t hide them because their art isn’t skilled. ”
He is also an old headmaster, and he has ensured that emerging artists are aware of the most obvious tools they have.
“I told them,” it is in your pocket, it inherently fixed on you, it is a computer can contact with the earth, “he said, he told every one will be listening to the young artists. “If you want to rap music, you should understand that this is a different language from all over the world, and you should go beyond what is being offered to you in the United States.” Expanding a person’s world view is important for creativity, D insists, but it also makes you a smarter person. “The news is really complicated right now, because you have to have a keen mind to spread false information,” warns. “you can’t just get the message on your head. You must be literate in online literature. “


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