Dead demi mouse ears: how does Disney make parents a favor


Walt Disney couldn’t handle the funeral. When possible, he avoids them – if they prove inevitable, his emotions will dim in a few hours. He was shocked by the whole death theme. Before he died in 1966, he would tell his daughter, Diane, that he didn’t want a funeral. He insisted that he should just be remembered as before, because the world has spent half a century of speculation his position in the low temperature frozen cabinet, so the desire of some special significance.
Oddly enough, he’s taking so many films that he’s talking too much about death. For generations, children’s film (the most important thing is that Disney film) has the worst of the bad news hit the young man’s body, u-shaped certificate to cover, and reveals the cruelty of all this and come to an end. The gunfire of the hunter who left his mother’s mother rang out today. Only recently in Disney churchyard adds a few things, including noble Mufasa, Mufasa, the Lion King (Lion King) during the period of the slain, poor Ellie, frederickson (Ellie Fredriksen) passing on the opening sequence, as well as the royal couple drowning frozen. You will surely find a pair of mouse ears under the hood of death.
There is now a cocoa, a fascinating animation that is rooted in the tradition of Diade Muertos (death day) in Mexico. For a wholly owned subsidiary since 2006 Disney Pixar (Pixar) producers, the film has been box-office gold, has attracted world wide children to a completely dead film (the film released in late January in the UK). The hero miguel, a sweet 12-year-old, quarreled with his family and found himself in the land of death – a happy, freewheeling citizen.
But there are some dark things lurking in the game. As miguel discovered, the dead can only enjoy the next world while they remain in the memory of life, at least one person is threatened by the progression of dementia. If the concept of the afterlife seems like a sugar pill, the bleakest fate is forgotten, disappearing into what cocoa calls “the last death.” In the movie of such a young audience, its visualization brings real shudder – all of us are afraid, a lone one trapped in an unknowable void.
It could have been worse. The connection to the dark heart of Disney’s story is more direct: an earlier version of the script took place after Miguel’s mother died, probably best known as the full Bambi narrative device.
But we think we know Bambi, and the reobservation may be purely to remind people of the impossibility of cruelty. See idyllic pastoral, love between mother and baby, it’s all by Disney artists Tyrus Wong cleverly into the lives – and is in a cold world, hunter, the zheng big eyes of terror, violence, loss and completely abandoned. Michael Haneke has nothing to say. No wonder so many adults immediately mention the title (Stephen king traces his terror link).
The shock class has little competition for the audience – the closest thing in the history of Hollywood is another ubiquitous killing, the shower of “psychosis”. And just as the events at the Bates motel have responded to changing the movie, the death of Ben’s mother changed the film, so that each thriller was divided into before and after. The movie always whistled the death whistle for the children. Death is now part of children’s films.
But it took a while for the drug to come down. In the months leading up to the second world war in the United States, bambi appeared in the American movie theater in the summer of 1942. As Hollywood has begun to advertise, the most honest movie about death in the cinema is aimed at children, many of whom are unscrupulous. No wonder the first business was slow. Eight of the injured were Diane Disney, who sobbed to ask why her father chose not to save bambi’s mother.

The timing is also interesting in other ways. Inspired by the victory of Snow White and the seven dwarves in 1938, Disney bought a beautiful house for his older parents, Flora and Elias, in northern Hollywood. When they complained about the smoke from the gas stove, the studio staff was assigned to repair it. A few days later, Flora was found dead from suffocation. Her son, the story is, blame yourself. Bambi is going into production next year.
If the film is a part of filial piety, the banbi can’t ward off evil. Given the box office, the assumption may be that the movie is still a stark anomaly in the history of film and Walt Disney’s life. Instead, he let old yellow dog, SOB, 1957 seems to have bambi is a challenge, Texas without Travis Wright coates, the whole story and his faithful dog the climax of famous buildings – look away, spoilerphobes and dog lovers – rabies outbreak request he picked up his rifle.
It is advisable for animal actors to always read the script before playing the role. For others, tradition has formed. Children who had learned about death of bambi reality, now have their own children and the old yellow dog jitters – as the two movies are found his audience through the television and video of the second life, pattern repeated down from generation to generation. Watching the ritual of Bambi and Travis Coates, it became a ritual.
Other films have also been hit. Outside of Disney, many of our favorite children’s films have been soaked in death. Almost no British childhood was sullied by the brutality of Watership Down. A boy and his sister were destroyed in the last days of world war ii. Even before the company was acquired by Disney, pixar had a nod to the “finding nemo,” the mother of a leading man eating a pike for dinner.
All this is ironic. Films made for children deliberately make them sad, while Hollywood movies treat adults like children. The bay has never been more visible than action films, in which the number of bodies is high, anonymous, and grieving families leave the screen, and death is an excuse for the writers to make fun of them.
But the combination of the choke and the chickpeas actually reflects the world beyond the movies. Coco before very long period of time, a lot of ubiquitous on the streets of casual wear and children’s stationery color skull borrowed from the day of the dead, and in the west, we don’t have a similar role of death. As a society, we are all Walt Disney, avoiding funerals and closing. The only thing we have to fear is to have to talk about it.
Cue bamber, old ayler and nemo. Over the years, our implicit contract with the film has been an aspect of outsourcing – the bad thing about contracting the death of our children. Who can blame us? As any parent knows, now rarely tell children, sometimes in an arbitrary finger click, a loved one can – not – will – disappeared, never come back, just like children themselves. Followed is the existence of the whole shooting match, eating the knowledge of death, endless fear and useless, a melting: people with smear a small tears on her face.
In order to do this, it takes a certain amount of courage to have a happy ending. That’s what we paid for Walt Disney.


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