In an AD for the Washington post, Lord addressed the past Israeli concerts


The Washington post ran a full page AD calling it a paranoia, and the new zealand-born singer cancelled a concert in Israel.
The AD in The newspaper on December 31, was outspoken lamy Shmuley Boteach of “The World: The value Network” (The World: The Values of The Network) attack, and criticizing The 21-year-old in Russia during The performance of The children to join The “global anti-semitism boycott of Israel”.
In this picture, a large picture of a singer with a picture of a man walking through the rubble of a man with the caption reads: “Lord and New Zealand defy Syria to attack Israel”.
Last month, grammy winners canceled a concert in tel aviv in June, amid a backlash against critics of the sanctions movement.
The decision was also written in an open letter written by two new zealanders that said the concert would support Israel’s occupation of Palestine.
Lorde wrote: “I have a lot of discussions with many people, and I think the right decision now is to cancel the exhibition. “I am not proud to admit that I did not make the right decision on this issue.”
The AD says Lord’s decision shows that New Zealand’s “increasing bias against the jewish state” is “going to be younger”.
It cited New Zealand’s choice in December to vote with 127 countries in favor of a United Nations resolution calling for the United States to withdraw its decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
It also criticized New Zealand for co-sponsoring United Nations resolutions last year, condemning Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and six months of diplomatic rift with Israel.

To his critics, he is a self-proclaimed “American rabbi” critics, Boteach in 2015 by the New York times published a similar page AD, accusing Mr Obama’s national security adviser at that time Susan Rice (Susan Rice) when she was in the 1990 s was President Clinton’s national security team, she watched the rwandan genocide.
“There are people who think it’s a personal attack, and that’s definitely not its intention,” said portnaker, who had been drawn back in the intense criticism of the time.
Although there about organization by controversial American casino mogul Sheldon Adelson (Sheldon Adelson) funding, but he has quickly incorporate the recommended level of anti-semitism, he considered the Numbers against Israel, but he also accused the rights without hesitation, including Steve bannon and Breitbart website.
Boteach anti-defamation league in the United States in 2016, Jonathan Greenblatt (Jonathan Greenblatt) defending accused bannon (Banathan), bannon his criticism was appointed as a White House adviser, it is a “the day of grief,” a host “” a white nationalist and a group of has made no secret of the anti-semitic and racist loose groups, is going to be a” people’s homes “senior clerk.
In an open letter to greenblatt, portnak assured Mr. Bannon that it would be unfair to oppose his appointment to the content or audience of breitbart.
Wave Thai hirsch accused many high-profile people and institutions to Israel and Israel’s occupation does not agree with the anti-semitism, including former U.S. secretary of state John Kerry (John Kerry), he accused him of “belittling the life” of the jews, “this is in order to prove the loss of blood, jews rather than in pursuit of Iran’s nuclear agreement.


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