Rick Hall, the legendary Muscle Shoals record producer, died at 85


Recorded in the 70 s and 1960 s the biggest music performance, and to help develop the legendary “muscle shoals voice recording producer Rick Hall in Alabama (Rick Hall) have passed away.
Hall said hall died Tuesday at his home after battling cancer. He is 85 years old.
Hall founded Fame Recording Studios in northwest Alabama in 1959 and continues to record major ACTS including R&B stars Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett. Hall also recorded country artists including George Jones and Brenda lee, and produced popular music, including Paul anka and osmond.
A new generation of listeners knows the hall through the 2013 documentary “muscle shoals.” The movie tells the story of hall, a musician in the region, and their distinctive deep bass, guitar and electronic piano or piano.

David hood, woody, hood husband and Lynyrd Skynyrd home sweet home Alabama eternal life “Swampers” said a member of the rhythm section, hall “has a very clear idea” should be how to return a responsibility.
“I think his real solution is like a mixer,” hood said. “He inspired us all and made sure we were playing what he wanted.”
Performers including Jason Isbell praised hall and his legacy
“Rick Hall and his family gave me my first job in the music industry, and no one in the industry worked harder than Rick,” Isbell wrote on twitter. No man or woman. Without his contribution, American music would be different. His death was a great loss to those of us who knew him and those who did not know them. ”
Country Music singer-songwriter Mac McAnally sends out a cry called “Muscle Shoals Music” and says, “Godspeed my friend!”
Hall, a Mississippian, won the 2014 grammy award for trustee, and is a member of the music Hall of fame in Alabama.


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