Wonder woman: how will female heroes explode movies in 2018


The charge of the predatory behavior of #MeToo and Hollywood’s tough men, for the soul, begins a year in which the movie begins with female domination of the box office. Last year, three of America’s most popular films had the leading role, “Star Wars: the last jedi” ranked first, followed by “beauty and the beast” and “wonder woman.” And where more come from. Hollywood is still waking up to its masculinity, but in 2018 it looks as if young women are roaring in female-driven science fiction, action blockbusters and superspy thrillers.
First, in February, the Ex Machina director Alex Garland (Alex Garland) ecological science fiction “annihilate” (Annihilation) looks like has a degree in biology ghost death squads (Ghostbusters) Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Jennifer Jason Leigh) as a boiler of scientists, led the whole female expedition to the scene of the alien invasion. In march this year, Jennifer Lawrence in the cold war thriller “the linnet” found his inner Jason bourne, plays a Russian ballet dancer to a spy, and Alicia d the Germany will be in the “tomb raider” reboot as Lara Croft to shoot an international superstar.
Forget the boring boy’s tights in the superpowers, and the hottest movie in the summer is the ocean’s 8, which was released by women in June. If the trailer is anything to go through, the sunglasses will be necessary to block cate blanchett, Sandra bullock, Helena bonham carter, rihanna, mindy, carlin, Anne hathaway, Sarah paulson and Awkwafina star tile navarre star in Ball mill (Ball Ball) stole $150 million worth of diamond necklace. In October, The company ‘s The Crown star Claire Foy (Cleire Foy) clearly depicts The tweed and Crown, in “The girl in The spider’s web” plays rooney mara’s tight leather, like Lisbeth orchestrating a.
Female stars in the high adrenaline rush are nothing new. (my head: aliens in the sigourney weaver, Linda Hamilton in the terminator, Thelma and Louise, Angelina jolie’s Lara Croft and Salt, milla jovovich in biochemical crisis, Lucy’s scarlett johansson. Is. In 2016, 90 percent of the movie’s box office has a female lead, while the action movie is only 3 percent.

It would be nice to think that the new era of empowered women on the screen is welcoming the reaction of #MeToo and Harvey Weinstein. But before last year’s event, the 2018 kick was a long time. What happened? Hollywood finally got into the swing of the Bechdel test?
Dr. Shelley Cobb, an associate professor of film at the university of Southampton, said that part of the reason is that we have Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen, who are grateful for the rise of female-centered blockbusters. “I think harry potter and the hunger games are turning points. You have these young characters to appeal to older millennial audiences. Now, the audience is an adult audience – young women and men interested in action heroes and heroines. ”
Kate Muir, a screenwriter and former critic, says the industry’s sudden interest in women-driven blockbusters comes down to hard money. “I think it’s about economics, and that’s what Hollywood always pays the most attention. Over the past decade, people have realized that a woman can make a big box office. “She added that a small screen of” strong women, contradictory and complex “portrayal of the heroine opened a path. “We’ve seen these wonderful female detectives in the last ten years. We’ve seen these incredibly weird and wonderful female characters on TV screens, but never seen them in theaters. There was a real appetite for them, and executives knew about it. ”
“Wonder woman” has hit the cinema last year (from Ben affleck clumsy batman’s face kicked the smug smile), the personage inside course of study found exactly how thirsty audience. Is a Hillary Clinton praised as “encouraging” flash movies, it arrived in perfect timing, the feminist era (not all feminists considered feminist) to speak. Perhaps most important, as this year’s most successful comic movie, “wonder woman” is the end of the error description of Hollywood boy club rode a bicycle for many years (for example: “men don’t look at women’s film”, “female star can’t as the leading role of a blockbuster”). The director, Patty Jenkins, has reportedly negotiated a record pay check for a sequel to a $7 million to $9 million woman. “It’s important,” muir said. “Last year, the little girl was dressed in wonder woman’s Halloween costume and will be wearing Laura Croft this year,” she said. “It really permeates the culture and changes the way girls grow up.”


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