Asylum seekers record holiday singles with unified information


They escaped persecution, violence and torture in some of the world’s most brutal countries. Now, a group of asylum seekers with professional musicians recorded a song for the holiday, this is Bill Withers (Bill Withers) for my “strives for perfection” great performances (Lean On Me).
From Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Jamaica and kazakhstan and other countries of 24 refugees “with refugees chorus” decided to track record as a symbol of the human mental toughness, and provide support for the information.
“The voices of refugees and asylum-seekers are rarely heard in this country,” said Tamara McFarlane, one of the chorus singers.
“Usually we are hidden. We’ve all experienced terrible things, but our spirits are strong. We hope that this song will bring humanity together, which the British people can get. ”
Less than 1 per cent of the world’s 2.2 million refugees have come to Britain to apply for asylum, but those who regularly struggle to overcome the stigma of asylum-seekers and the hostility of society and institutions.

According to the guardian, they often live in squalid, crowded and dangerous conditions in the home office.
The chorus’s members escaped rape, torture and forced female genital mutilation. One of the singers had to flee Zimbabwe’s Robert mugabe’s regime, resistance another another singer from South Africa were found to be a lesbian after “corrective rape”.
The choir said the song gave them a chance to detoxify the negative association of asylum-seekers. “Depending on me” was originally written by Withers in 1972 as a testament to the community spirit of his growing up in a poor coal mining town in West Virginia.
Participate in the cooperation of one of the professional singer smoke city band of Nina Miranda (Nina Miranda), said she encouraged other musicians involved, because “human solidarity information, especially in adversity, has never been so important”.
“Everyone has a nice day to record this song, and it’s really nice to be able to play with the talented members of One Heart. “We hope this song will raise awareness and funding for asylum seekers and refugees,” she said.
The song is also used to raise awareness and funding to help refugees. The proceeds will be transferred to refugee operations, where contributions can be made.


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