A woman breaks through tradition in budweiser’s uplifting lunar New Year advertisement.


The baiwei Chinese New Year advertisement from Anomaly Shanghai is about a young woman who decides to run a marathon in the remote desert rather than spend a holiday with his family. She didn’t think she had much to say to her parents. But there was a turning point.

Budweiser’s Chinese New Year message thank you for your support. (last year it suggested a “double toast” baking ceremony for people.) The AD flouted the stereotype of a large number of beer ads, starting with women who chose to play the leading role.

Will this year’s Chinese New Year be the Chinese New Year? In addition to the apples and budweiser emotion and exciting Chinese New Year movie, now comes from one of Oppo smartphone brand, this is a about a live in two different planets moving love story of the boy and girl.

The film, created by Goodzilla and directed by Henry Scholfield through Black&Cameron, is a seemingly large budget starring two well-known actors, Yang mi and zhang binbin. It is a love story, each of which lives on a different planet and is closely related to each other as the years go by and the seasons change. At first, as children, they could easily jump between the planets. But as you get older, you fall in love, and then you have an argument, and the planets separate and pull apart in some way. (the visual Effects created by Fin Design + Effects, a post-production company in the Shanghai and Sydney offices, are a good illustration of their plight.)

On TV and on the Internet, the film focuses on the joy of Chinese New Year gifts. When they were apart, all the girls had a gift for a smartphone, with photos depicting their relationship (somehow, the smartphone seemed to defy gravity). When they finally reunited, she said, “we haven’t taken a photo yet.”

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