The disease


Neon is a full-service medical advertising agency in New York City that believes our ideas can change the world. And save lives at the same time. The bold and simple activity using the powerful and beautiful graphics, inspired by the agency of the same name “neon”, to show a clear and simple and communicate our point of view, that we how to change the world.

The print ads made by NEON for NEON are classified as follows: agency self-promotion, health.

It’s not always good to

have someone else’s attention. Especially when those people are car thieves. The movement showed that the thieves’ attention was diverted elsewhere because of Sherlock’s anti-theft mark. The thieves are automatically directed to the beam of the Sherlock unmarked vehicle. They’re checking them and getting ready to steal them.

Sometimes it’s good to stay in the shadows.

An advertisement for Sherlock by Bleublancrouge, Canada, includes: electronics, technology.

The title

Campaign at Postobon, a Colombian beverage company.

The print AD is made by Columbia skylink for Hit and falls under the category of non-alcoholic beverages.



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