The “submission” of Stanley Tucci aroused a lot of interest in KCET’s spring cinema series.


Director Richard Levine plans to take part in a q&a.

Richard Levine guide Stanley Tucci and Addison Timlin to participate in the “Submission”, it is about a young students Angela Argo (Timlin) and her creative writing professor Ted Swenson (Tucci) on the east coast thought-provoking character study of the relationship between a primary school. The play is based on Francine’s “blue angel”, the classic “blue angel” of the 1930s, starring Marlene ditrich. A timely release of the film will help the subject, including lewd abuse of power and sexual harassment.

Levin knew that the stories and themes he chose would be the beginning of the conversation. “I think it’s a bit of a dangerous story because sexual harassment is now a high burden because it should be. Of course, this is a story about a particular character, and it doesn’t mean all the victims of sexual harassment, or the perpetrators of all sexual harassment. ”

Let’s continue with the story

The film also features a eclecticism cast including kyra Sedgwick, Peter gallagher, Jane gallo farrow and Jessica hecht. “Submissions” will be released at the Paladin Films limited on March 2 and premiered at the Los Angeles film festival last year. After screening, director Richard Levine will join KCET Cinema Series and Must See Movies and host Pete Hammond for a question and answer session. is the official media sponsor of the KCET series spring competition. The series runs from February 20 to April 10. The film was shown at 7 p.m. at the Arclight theater in Sherman Oaks (15301 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403). There is a parking lot nearby.


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