The omens are one of the most cursing movies – and some believe it’s behind satan.


Among all the world’s cursed films, The Omen is considered one of the worst film curses of all time. The 1976 movie tells the story of a man who unexpectedly adopted Antichrist as his son, one of the most successful franchises in horror films. But are the episodes that make producers believe the devil is punishing them for making movies? Is a curse really curse?

The show follows the footsteps of the two most successful horrors of the 1970s and hopes to capitalize on the popularity of these films. Producers should have warned that they too have bedeviled the set: in the end, Baby Curse and Curse in Rosemary can give audiences who not only find their own delight, but also leave the curse. The company is located in:

The dilemmas in this movie include death, injury and many lightning bolts. After all, creators themselves warn actors and crew that Satan will not like what they’re doing. That’s what happened behind the scenes at The Omen, and why it may indeed provoke Satan himself, despite several sequels and the remake of 2006, is still one of the films of all time.

Designer John Richardson beheaded his passenger in a car accident, just as in the scene from The Omens,

设计师约翰理查森是我...列出(或排名)1名单上的预兆是最诅咒的电影作品之一 - 和一些相信撒旦背后它

After creating special effects for The Omen, designer John Richardson began working at A Bridge Too Far. He and his wife and special effects sculptor Leeds Moore in the Dutch position, when they drove an empty road for a night, they hit another car. Richardson was beaten unconscious, but Moore was beheaded when a front wheel crashed into the floor and hit her. As Richardson came after the crash, he pointed out that tragedy was a creepy coincidence to the scary terrible beheading scene, the blunder of his design. He also claimed that he also saw an incident signposting that pointed out that Aumen town is 66.6 kilometers away.

An animal trainer was hired to keep the cast and crew safe from angry tiger baboons


In a chilling scene from The Omen, Lee Remick, Damian’s mother, was frightened by a group of baboons who attacked the car in response to her devilish son car. According to Richard Downer, her scary screams are completely real. The crew placed a baboon in the car to make attacking primates angry and photographing their violent reactions. Although Remyk’s incident may easily become another curse story, it is clear that Satan has chosen to be angry at the baboon’s trainer. Some stories claim that this is a lion, but in the words of producer Harvey Bernhardt; “He was killed the very next day after we fired, he was killed by a tiger and he grabbed him Head, kill him immediately. ”

A lightning plane containing actors and crew on three different occasions

Lightning Struck Airplanes Con ...在名单上列出(或排名)3 The Omen是最诅咒的电影制作之一 - 有些相信撒旦是它的背后

In October 1975, Gregory Pike took a photo of a plane headed for London when it was struck by a lightning strike. The bolt caused one of the engines to catch fire and the airplane fell very close to the Atlantic Ocean. A few weeks later, producer Masnifffeld was on his way to filming and his plane was caught by lightning when it crossed the Atlantic. “This is the hardest five minutes I’ve been on a passenger plane,” he pointed out. Two lightning-related pre-production accidents were horrifying, but the curse seems to be on the verge of a cursory drive by screenwriter David Selzer in a plane struck by the same lightning. If these three things are not convincing enough, producer Harvey Bernard was shot in Rome very close to being hit by lightning.

A group of well-trained Rottweilers suddenly attacked a real stuntman, hurting him and opposing their trainer


一群训练有素的罗威纳......在名单上列出(或排名)4预兆是最诅咒的电影作品之一 - 而且有些相信撒旦就是它的背后

One of The Omen‘s most memorable scenes involves Gregory Peck trying to escape a cemetery while being attacked by a group of extremely vicious dogs. Several carefully trained Rottweilers were utilized for the film and were instructed to attack a stuntman in Peck’s place. The stuntman was safely enclosed in a layer of protective padding and the dogs were set loose but then something went wrong. For reasons unknown, the dogs began really attacking the stuntman and were so vicious, their teeth went through the stuntman’s protective gear. They even ignored their trainer when ordered to stop. Luckily, the stuntman survived.

The cast and crew were almost blown up on two separate occasions, thanks to the IRA


Cast And Crew Nearly Got Blown在名单上列出(或排名)5 The Omen是最受诅咒的电影制作之一 - 还有一些相信的撒旦就在它背后

After surviving a lightning bolt of terror on his overseas flight, producer Mace Neufeld took part in a number of other curse related incidents. During the stay at Hilton London, he and his wife were checked out early when the IRA blew up the building. Fortunately, it was not killed in the hotel at the time. A few days later, when the Irish Republican Army bombed the building, Newfield and several other producers and Gregory Parker went to a restaurant. Although many consider these dreadful incidents as part of a harbinger, it may actually be a miracle, given the massive bombing of the Irish Republican Army in London at the time, that actors and crew may have escaped twice.


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