5 best ads for 2017.


While some brands tripped up the market, marketers didn’t push the envelope to create some brilliant ads in 2017.
At the start of the year, some marketers made statements about diversity and inclusion during the super bowl. Things will only get better, and in the next few months several viral marketing and attractive digital jobs will be launched.
As 2017 draws to a close, we look back at some of the most creative, creative and interesting ads for marketers.
Oh, just like the worst ads of 2017, we’re grading those fun too.
Snapchat dancing hot dog (grade: B +)
Snapchat dancing hot dog (level: B +)
While technically not an AD, dancing hot dogs help brag about Snapchat’s technology and creativity in augmented reality. This lovely animated hot dog has hit the Internet through the storm, giving me a lot of fun. When Snapchat launched a wide range of features in September, brands were happy to jump on a dance 3D object.
John Malkovich super bowl AD for Squarespace (level: B +)
John malkovich, the eccentric super bowl AD featured in Squarespace, tried to get a domain name from an owner who was never too well-known for his name. The JohnXHannes advertisement clearly resonated with the audience, and finally won the creative arts emmy award in the 2017 outstanding business award.
“Squarespace won the amazing use of John Malkovich,” said Winston Binch, North America’s chief digital officer. “it was a clever way to connect the domain name to the brand and to win the attention of finesse and entertainment.” ”
Lowe’s DIY Instagram story AD (level: A-)

Facebook’s Creative Shop and BBDO co-produced 64 micro video to show how a tiny, unused room has been creatively transformed into a useful space. The size of the closet matches the size of the Instagram camera, which allows users to scroll back and forth to see how the changes are made.
Bud Light “Dilly Dilly” (grade: A-)
If you haven’t heard the word “Dilly Dilly,” you might be living under a rock. Bud Light tries again to turn a chaotic code into a cultural phenomenon. (remember Wassup, anyone?) The series, created by Wieden + Kennedy, quickly became popular as they continued to appear on commercial shows during the NFL and college football games.
The “start of the journey” of wood (grade: A)
The 90-second super bowl AD was strongly opposed by the immigration department and introduced an unknown brand into the public consciousness. It portrays a Mexican mother and daughter embarking on a difficult journey, leaving their country of origin and finding a better life in the United States, and inviting viewers to watch the ads online. After the advertisement, many people crowded into the website.
“Later this year, it’s easy to forget the influence of advertising, in February 84 but has super bowl film is the most powerful memory, one of the most courage AD,” buck, founder and chief creative officer John Barker said. . “This is very wonderful, because of the brand in the UK the sidewall trump the lightning problems boldly expressed their ideas, and boldly to the pursuit of the American dream of undocumented immigrants, boldly published their own views. The frontier of national debate literally overnight. ”
The New York times’ “truth is hard to find” (level: A)
“The New York times” this powerful and DE Jacques rogge, superb series did not avoid a statement, made no secret of emphasis on the risk of finding the truth and value, especially in the country’s current political environment. The visual effect is creepy, and takes it home effortlessly.


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