Baker’s new album is a truly bizarre car business perfect


If the man is eliminated tomorrow afternoon, baker will still put the verse into the studio microphone that night. He can survive – any trend, any time, any experiment, any industry center. Although all logic, though his “loser” since 1994, baker is not in front of the Billboard hot 100 10 songs, not published since 1996 Odelay platinum albums, is still more than 20 years. But in terms of praise at least, baker reached the pinnacle of his career in 2015 and won this year’s album grammy award for his beautiful, soft morning. Oddly, he was leading the way that day, and he was also working on another super caffeinated lab, the music album. This is a music multitasking process that can only be as deft as beck.
In 2013, a year before he announced the morning phase, bakers began coloring. What part of the baker’s brain is he making these two opposites? In any case, he first released the right song and, with the grammys’ gloom, created the perfect stage for color. With the success of his previous album, baker has now turned his next release into a financial success.

And that’s the color of the album. This is a collection of songs for targeted advertising. This is the 47-year-old baker who is trying to reach the peak of the Billboard Hot 100. In the four years he began working, color sounded like every moment in his studio, and it was probably booming — a kaleidoscope of minimalist bubble gum. In collaboration with producer Greg Kurstin, popular spirit includes Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Sia, Ellie Goulding and Lily allen-beck.
“Color” has a “loser” all popular 100 potential, this is troubled album, one hundred percent of trying, compared to one hundred percent of twenty years ago the baker self-deprecation major failure. At least in the female singer’s mode, beck has not lost his quirky, generic, digital pedigree and snarl, just an ambitious journey single, “wow.” Elsewhere, baker was equally happy and eccentric. “Dear life” is a cartoon poster for “hang there”, not McCartney’s piano music. In “I am so free” – a rock singer who alternates with a fragile riff, choir and baker – he happily says, “no one will disappoint me” and “I am so free. The best life, baker, obviously no one, nothing can stop you.


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