Impact of Music on People


How music affects people is not clear. Some experts insist that music and musicians influence young people. Different sources insist that people respond to specific music and music expressions. In both ways, young people can see the clothes and performance of their favorite musicians at this time. Everyone is in the public and private, and the world celebrities are constantly monitored through some media sources. Young people can choose to change their appearance and behavior to replicate their most determined musicians and genres.

How does music affect your memory

Through music, two different theories explain how people relate to a particular self. Social identity means that individuals “borrow” the identity of the society in which they live. A person’s identity through music is a way of adapting to the beliefs, goals and norms of society as a whole. Another way of saying social identity is that some people choose to act in ways that violate social norms. These people tend to adopt their own style and stay away from others. This is called personal identity. These theories are interrelated, and although the concept of private recognition defines all aspects of human expression, the individual is still considered part of a subgroup.

Discovery and experiment

Young people are more likely to identify various types of identities through music. Especially those who are not fit for the big society. As they age, young people mature and are more likely to discover and test their music through music than older people, who seem to have become accustomed to their chosen style. This way of making music makes it easier to see the way it has always been and maintain social proxies; A way for young people to find independence from their parents’ authority.

The songs of teenagers are simple

This music perspective can obscure the influence of music on children. Music played an important role in the lives of young people in the last century, but it had a greater impact on young people. Remember, music has always been an important part of every society. Teenagers socialize through songs they can share with them at many ages. Young people’s songs can be as simple as training basic data songs, the equivalent of ABC and 123 songs, so they can train social skills and acceptable behavior (presumably Sesame Street and Barney). Even so, children still get the same music as young people. In general, music is out of date. The phenomenon has sparked a debate over whether advertising should be used to determine whether music affects the country’s youth at risk.

Apparently, one study found that women are more likely than men to be affected by music, although people of each gender can express their satisfaction through music. This may be because women are often socialized as members of social groups, while men are often motivated to be self-sufficient. The study’s authors argue that social processes make women more vulnerable to music than men.


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