The report argues that Hollywood diversity has not improved in 2017


The film industry has had a lot of turmoil in the last 12 months, but the annual diversity, the survey found that the us film industry is no more diversified than it was a decade ago, “there is no meaningful or continuous change in 2017”, black or Hollywood’s Asian director.
A report commissioned by the annenberg school of communication and journalism at the university of southern California, which surveyed 1,100 films over the past 11 years, found that only 4% were directed by women, or 22 male directors per woman.
Women directors tend to have shorter careers, the study found. On average, they were later than men, men were later, and 83.7 percent of women had never made a second film, compared with 55.3 percent of men. Women are more likely to face the “fiscal cliff” and find it harder to move from independent, low-budget functions and television to higher-income movies. In addition, only 5.2 percent of directors (men and women) are black or African American, and 3.2 percent are Asian. Between 2007 and 2017, there were 43 female directors in a film, four of them black, two asian-americans and one Hispanic (Patricia Riggen, director of the Mexican mining disaster drama “33”).
Stacy l. Smith, the author of the report, said the “Hollywood” question of female directors “has been a source of much dialogue over the past few years. “The evidence shows that the women behind the cameras remain the same, despite increasing attention. A simple conversation is not the solution to these problems – it’s time to talk. Nothing will change until major media companies take concrete steps to address hiring bias. ”

The findings will disappoint those hoping to change the film industry, a year after the dramatic Revelations of sexual harassment and harassment and subsequent #MeToo social media campaigns. These developments do not appear to have had a significant impact on the power structure of the industry.
“Some of the largest media companies continue to underperform in recruiting diverse directors, with inequality starting at the highest levels,” the report said. The survey found that more than 82 percent of senior executives at seven top media companies are men, with only four of them coming from underrepresented ethnic/ethnic groups. Fewer than 20 per cent of board seats are held by women, and four of the seven companies – fox in the 21st century, SONY, comcast (the world’s parent company) and lionsgate – have only one female director.
The report warns of a potentially damaging disconnect between industry diversification and public sentiment. It said: “this year consumers are spending money in unusual ways, pushing miracle women, beauty and the beast.” “They are also moving away from movies to other platforms and content to meet entertainment needs – this is a strong warning to the film industry, which is unacceptable.


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