The Austin community develops new security measures after a series of bombings


The Austin community develops new security measures after a series of bombings
Austin people are worried as the Texas authorities investigate the explosion that is believed to be the fifth bomb. Schools, businesses and residents are developing new security measures.

AILSA CHANG, moderator:

There are some breaking news now – the sixth explosion occurred in central Texas tonight. Police and nursing staff are on site at a goodwill store near Austin. But the police said the latest incident involved a burning device that was not a package bomb. They said they had no reason to believe that it was related to the previous bombings. Earlier today, a parcel destined for Austin exploded in a FedEx facility, and officials found that another parcel was equipped with an explosive device by the same person. But that device has not disappeared. Ashley Lopez, a member of KUT, went out to learn how people in Austin reacted.

ASHLEY LOPEZ, BYLINE: The most frightening person now is like Angel Torres. He lived in the first batch of packaging bombs in southeastern Austin.

ANGEL TORRES: I am really worried. Just like, I send a message to all the friends who live in the area to make sure they are ok. I thank God, they are good, just like no one is hurt.

LOPEZ: Torres has said since then that he has changed some behaviors to make sure he pays more attention to what is happening around him.

Torres: I left late at night. And I always like to keep playing my music, for example, my headphones are walking at night. So, like, I must really like to put the volume down very low, just like there is only one earphone, just like my mobile phone.

LOPEZ: A lot of people in Austin are on the verge, mainly because the police didn’t say much about what people should pay attention to. The first three explosions were packages left at the door of people’s homes, but on the past Sunday, a bomb was placed on a sidewalk and detonated by a net. Jackie Rylander said she is concerned that this may happen anywhere.

JACKIE RYLANDER: It seems that it can be anything – backpack. And it is not worth changing your entire life. You must be alive.

LOPEZ: This is also a common mood. People like David Didonato say yes, this is terrible, but so is other things.

DAVID DIDONATO: How many people have been killed on the road? I mean, this is something to worry about, but there are many things to worry about.

LOPEZ: Many people in Austin are also surprised by this incident. Brittany Taylor said that this is out of place for a city that is famous for its eccentricity and friendliness.

Blantani Taylor: To be honest, it makes me sad – just like, more sad, just a little unhappy, because people will do this and waste time in order to hurt others. But this is unfortunate. Then it will bring stains to our city.

Lopez: So far, the police said they did not know how many people participated in the bombings. For NPR News, I am Ashley Lopez of Austin.


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